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Do you choose mineral or sparkling? Quenching our thirst has never been more complicated. Imported and domestic bottled waters have become very popular in recent years as a low calorie substitute for soft drinks. They go by different names and depending on the source, they’ll be carbonated, rich in minerals, flavored or all three! Here are some names and definitions you may v find helpful in making a decision:

1) Mineral water. Water that usually contains sodium, magnesium and calcium; in some states, it must have at least 500 parts per million dissolved mineral solids to be labeled “mineral water.” It is usually carbonated.

2) Sparkling water. Carbonated water in which the gasses that are dissolved in the water are “captured” before they can escape, resulting in the telltale fizz.

3) Club soda. Artificially carbonated tap water to which minerals have been added.

4) Seltzer. Artificially carbonated tap water that is frequently flavored and/ or sweetened making it high in calories.