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seafood_be_sure_its_sustainableIf you want to support healthy oceans and abundant sea life, make sure your next seafood purchase is among the species caught or farmed using Earth-friendly methods. The list includes U.S. farmed catfish, clams, cod, crab (Dungeness or Stone), oysters, pink shrimp, Rainbow Trout, Wild Alaskan Salmon, scallops, tilapia, and others.  According to the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), these options are also low in mercury, so they're as easy on your body as they are on the Earth. The NRDC also has a list of recommendations to keep in mind when purchasing seafood: smaller fish contain less mercury, always choose local fish over imported, and look for fish caught with low-impact methods like hook and line, or traps that allow younger fish to escape. Also, check the packaging for the seal of the Marine Stewardship Council, which certifies that the seafood was raised using sustainable, eco-friendly methods.

Source: “Sustainable Seafood Guide,” Natural Resources Defense Council. 6/4/09