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Shasta Lake MAY Fill Up This Month! Print Email
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Since March 2, Shasta Lake has received 6.44 inches of rain, and another 10 could fall between Thursday and Tuesday. "The system is rising and we hope to capture as much of this runoff as possible, but it's hard to know whether it will fill up right now," Moore said. "It's looking good. We're getting close..."Close... but still far away. Shasta registered its lowest level ever, 837 feet above sea level, in 1977. In December 2014, the lake dipped down to 889 feet. But the recent storms are replenishing the lake, and the elevation on March 9 hit 1,012 feet. In the last month, the reservoir has risen 28 feet — and it needs to go up another 55 feet to 1,067 feet above sea level to reach full capacity. That's a lot of rain that needs to fall and snow that needs to melt for the reservoir to fill by month's end. Read more: http://www.sfgate.com/news/article/Lake-Shasta-fill-up-El-Nino-full-capacity-drought-6879810.php