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3 Simple Ways to Ease the Ouch!
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You don’t always have to go to the drugstore to stock up on your medicine chest: you can get some of the simple things you need right out of your pantry: Here are a few:

1) Baking soda. (sodium bicarbonate) Sprinkled into a tepid bath, it’s good for soothing sunburn. Mixed into a thin paste, it can soothe poison ivy or insect bites. Used as a mouthwash, it will help relieve canker sore pain.

2) White vinegar. Good for preventing swimmers ear. Prepare a solution by adding 30 drops (2cc) to an ounce of boiling water. Allow the mixture to cool. (Caution: Do not use it hot!) After swimming, put 2 drops in each ear. The acid will kill the bacteria that may be present in any water left in the ear.

3) Plain tea. It helps soothe mild burning and itching. Soak a compress in cool tea and apply it to skin.