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Consumers demanding more sustainable packaging
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Companies can turn to recycled materials, or reduced packaging to meet their sustainability goals. Food and beverage consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies, along with their suppliers, long ago embraced a commitment to delivering high-quality products to customers and end-use consumers while pursuing more sustainable packaging solutions. Specifically, millennials will help to push this trend further for the foreseeable future as they purposefully seek out products with recyclable or renewable packaging. Consumers are increasingly conscious and vocal about their desire to know the origins and fates of the products they buy. Today’s educated consumers also understand the connection between consumption and environmental and social impact. One example, Amazon, is working directly with manufacturers to reduce overall packaging with its Certified Frustration-Free Packaging Program. Amazon promises its customers that any item ordered with the certification will be recyclable without excessive use of materials.The use of recycled materials also presents additional challenges to machine builders. While non-recycled products such as paperboard have a very consistent thickness and behavior, recycled materials have less uniformity.

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