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Hospital goes holistic with $200 million donation
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Don’t you just love it when reporters are non-biased? Me too, however, finding that is harder and harder. So it’s not a surprise that the LA Times is less than happy about the enormously generous gift, recently given to UC Irvine by Henry and Susan Samueli- who happen to believe in integrative medicine. On Sept. 18 a $200-million gift was given the couple, making it the seventh-largest ever to a single public university. The money will be used “for a new building on campus to house the Samueli College of Health Sciences, which will incorporate UCI’s medical and nursing schools and planned schools of pharmacy and “population health” (that is, public health). But most of the money will be devoted to an endowment for up to 15 chairs for world-class faculty with “expertise in integrative health” and for the training of students in that curriculum.” Read more: https://www.healthnutnews.com/hospital-goes-holistic-with-200-million-donation/