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Breast Thermography
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by Gaea Powell, Certified Thermography Technician

Why are more and more MDs prescribing and recommending Breast Thermography?  After all the new research results were published last year by the US Preventative Services, they are concerned about the dangers their patients are being and have already been exposed to with mammography’s repeated ionizing radiation and compression.  They want to offer their patients an effective and harmless alternative to mammograms. Thermography is an excellent tool for all women but is particularly useful for patients who are too young for mammograms (women under 50) and/or who are now refusing to have mammograms.

Breast Thermography utilizes the latest state-of-the-art technology focused on disease prevention and earliest detection.  A Thermogram can help detect physiological changes in breast tissue 8 to 10 years before a mammogram can detect a mass. Some women are not aware that breast cancer can be developing for years before a palpable lump can be found by mammography, MRI or physical exam.

Medical Thermography has been FDA approved for nearly thirty years. This safe, painless non-invasive technology is effective for women of all ages and for all types of breasts, including dense breasts, breasts with implants, reductions, etc. Ideally, women should create their Thermal Finger Print in her 20’s allowing them to monitor their Thermal Risk Assessment Profile and Hormonal Grade over the years.  This empowers them with knowledge about their own unique vascular system, hormones and general breast health.  

Our own unique Thermal Finger Print should remain the same throughout our lifetime. If there are physiological changes occurring in your breast tissue, Thermography can alert you, giving you the opportunity to make changes when indicated.  Changes in a woman’s diet, hormone balancing, stress management and exercise can make a significant difference and/or change her Risk Assessment level.
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access valuable information so they can live healthier lives.

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