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Autumn Leaves?
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Here's an Eco Friendly Way of Dealing With them...

Skip the leaf blower and use a rake: While it's a little more labor intensive, raking leaves is better for the environment than the leaf blower. Leaf blowers create a lot of noise pollution, and, if they're diesel powered, create a fair amount of air pollution as well. (unless you're running on bio-diesel)

Don't burn your leaves: Once you've got the leaves raked in nice piles, go ahead and jump on them, but don't burn them. burning creates lots of smoke, especially when leaves are damp.The open burning of leaves produces particulate matter and hydrocarbons, which contain a number of toxic, irritant, and carcinogenic (cancer-causing) compounds. Leaf smoke also contains carbon monoxide.

Do compost or mulch: Some areas offer yard waste pick up in addition to garbage collection and curbside recycling. However, if you don't have yard waste pick up mulch or composting are much better options. It is fine to compost only leaves, but other materials such as grass clippings,coffee grounds, and vegetable and fruit peelings may be composted as well. Meat, grease, and dairy products should not be composted, however, because they can cause odors and attract pests.