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Save Those Egg Cartons! Here Are 5 Ways to Reuse Them
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1) Egg Carton Use: Fire Starter...

Add sawdust to each cup of a paper carton and pour melted candle wax over it. Tear a cup free when you need a quick fire starter for a fire pit or barbecue.

2) Egg Carton use: Great Packing Material...

Egg cartons are specifically designed to cradle fragile eggs, but you can also repurpose them to cradle fragile items that you ship. Line a box with eggs cartons using some double-sided tape and your items are sure to arrive in one piece.

3) Egg Carton Use: Start a Garden From Seed...

Fill the cups of a paper egg carton with soil and place a seed in each one. Once the seedlings have sprouted and you're free of the final frost of the year, simply snip each cup free and pop them straight into the soil. The cardboard will decompose as your young garden grows.

4) Egg Carton Use: Mixing Paints... During craft time with the kids, you can use a plastic or styrofoam egg carton as a paint palette. The individual cups are perfect for mixing colors. When the painting is done, simply toss them in the trash. The best part: There's no messy cleanup. If you want to be more green, use water-based paint; wash it out; and recycle the egg carton.

5) Egg Carton Use: Sorting Small Items...

Egg cartons are the perfect way to sort and store pocket change, nuts and bolts, buttons or any other tiny items.