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Eco Terms and What They Mean…
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Sometimes it’s overwhelming. Green this, eco that. Organic, natural, sustainable…who can keep it straight? Well here is your very own green cheat sheet. Save it so you won’t be in the dark anymore:

Certified organic label is regulated by the USDA and indicates the absence of most conventional fertilizers and chemicals. A processed product (one that contains more than two ingredients) must have more than 95% organic material.

Demeter-certified Biodynamic designation means that farmers use practices emphasizing a holistic connection with nature. The nonprofit has been certifying produce and wine since 1982 and bans harmful chemicals and synthetic fertilizers.

Fair-trade products like coffee and chocolate are certified by the Fair Trade Federation, an international group working to relieve poverty. They insure that producers receive a fair wage and that production practices promote long-term environmental sustainability and community development.

Green Seal is an independent nonprofit that promotes the manufacture, purchase, and use of environmentally responsible products. The Seal accredits everything from soap to hotels.

Local generally refers to products grown within a 100 to 150 mile radius.